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Love things BIG!

It’s no surprise that people love things BIG! Homes, automobiles, and even food portions. Some people just have a drive to focus on consumption. What makes people act this way? That’s the question I’ve often pondered. The only thing I can come up with is status. We all long to belong and be accepted. If someone tells you all about their trip to the beach you will either tell them about your trip or how you wish you could go. The new model car and expensive suburban home are what we think we want without being honest with ourselves.  My guess is we would much rather do something even more unique and exciting like foraging for wild edibles or creating a permaculture food forest. That will depend on what works for you.

Foraging for wild edibles does in fact get a rise out of a small portion of the population. It is my thought that a much larger percentage of the population would embrace the activity if they had full disclosure of how it’s not always about survival. It’s a way of connecting with the earth. In learning to value the earth we find value in the small things such as chickens. These creatures are stacked with functions waiting to be applied. They add fertility to the soil and help control unwanted insects such as squash bugs. To often we look to government, the media, and celebrities to determine what we should value or accept socially. Finding who you are should be about the things that make you truly happy. In most cases it’s not things, it’s people.

Keeping up with the rat race of mindless consumption is to often our goal. What I’ve learned is the less you have the more time you have to enjoy it. It took finding the idea of minimalism to get here. Being intentional with your time and money doesn’t mean you have nothing. It means the things you do have truly add value to your life. I’ve blended this way of thinking with permacultures holistic solutions based thinking. It has given me a clear picture of what I want so I am accepted vs. what I need to be happy. So next time you find yourself in love with the newest thing stop and ask yourself ‘does it truly add value?’ 

‘We like things little but we love things BIG’or do we think we will be loved for what we have…