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Use what you have to get what you want!

What did I want?  A worm bin! 

My path to permaculture has lead me to appreciate what these little creatures can do. Worms help with fertility, proper moisture levels, soil aeration, bacterial and fungal inoculation just to name a few of their benefits.

I took a survey of scraps from previous projects. My rabbit and chicken tractor projects did not leave me with alot of extra materials I knew. Alot of materials thankfully weren’t required for my worm bin. Some old boards, a piece of tin, and some sewing together of 1/2 in hardware clothe scraps made enough materials to make my first worm bin for FREE!)

  1. First, we built a simple box frame from some old weathered lumber.
  2. Next, we covered one side with 1/2″ hardware clothes to prevent predation from underneath. 
  3. Then, we layered in our eggshells, chicken manure, cardboard, shredded paper, and compost.
  4. Finally, we covered it with a piece of tin and a weight.

I had some great help that day that was interested in learning basic carpentry which was great to share. It’s unclear if I’m happier about having accomplished a goal or that it is was upcycled from what most would consider useless!

20 thoughts on “Use what you have to get what you want!”

  1. This is perhaps the most bizarrely entertaining post I have ever read.
    I confess that never before, in all my 143 years of life, have I ever given a nanosecond of thought to a worm bin.
    I now feel educated, thank you

  2. I went to a composting course while ago, hoping to learn how to start my own warm farm- unfortunately it was such an information overload with only $100 worth ‘special’ bin in the center of it that I gave up and got a standard composting bin instead:( You post explains it step by step and its made of some recycled stuff! 🙂 Great