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Forest To Farm To Fruition! 

It was around this time last year that we decided to host a workshop on inoculating logs for mushroom cultivation. The we I refer to here is our amazing local permaculture group. Path To Permaculture began planning the event for the following February. Some of us would need to order the spawn and wax. Others located items such as crockpots, drills, table, cords, and things such as brushes. Everyone came together to harvest the trees we would need. We teamed up with to host the event in downtown Montgomery, Al. This allowed us to bring in more people from the local community who were also interested. Jayme Oates of did a wonderful job of introducing us to the whole process as our presenter. I will admit it was work inoculating a trailer load of green logs. Everyone got involved and everyone got to bring home a log! I was impressed at the teamwork of all those individuals coming together to do the hard work regardless of their differences, that may separate them any other day. Now it was going to be a waiting game for us newbie mushroom cultivators. I admit it crossed my mind a few times that the logs might not make it due to the awful drought we experienced this year. Making use of the logs instead for firewood never was an option for me. I had seen people work so hard to make this a reality. I keep my share of logs well shaded and in more humid areas of my property the entire time. It was a recent post by a friend in north Alabama that triggered me to take a closer look at my logs. She had hosted a similar workshop around the same time as ours. The logs they had made were beginning to fruit. Instead of my casually glancing at the logs as I walked by I took a closer look at what I had today. What I had was home grown shiitake! Seeing our idea come to fruition one year after taking action kicks ass!

Can’t wait to cook a flush of my shiitake up for dinner one night soon.

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  1. Hi, thanks for this great article! We would love to give mushrooms a go at some point, and this is very inspiring! Thanks also for the follow, it’s very appreciated 🙂 For sure, we’ll learn a lot from each other in the following years! I thought you may be interested in somebody I know of who is successfully growing mushrooms in Kenya, here’s a link to his gofundme profile:
    Happy New Year! Let’s hope it’s a joyful and productive one for us all!