Intentional Lodging 

Our goal is to provide travelers an affordable clean bed or room while reducing waste from the system. We recycle plastic, paper, cardboard, and glass for our patrons while they travel. Shared economy allows us to reduce waste and increase efficiencies for us all. The animals love the tidbits that are leftover from meal preparations.

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You can travel like you care when your our guest
Come see what’s in season

Book #turquoiseadobe #privateroom A

Warm and inviting #privateroom A

Book Hostel 1 #sharedroom A Clean and Affordable Hostel 1 #sharedroom A 

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Inexpensive Comfortable Hostel 2 #sharedroom A 
Forest to Farm Shiitake Mushrooms

Book #turquoiseadobe #privateroom BCozy comfy #privateroom B 

Book Path to Permaculture Hostel 3 #sharedroom B

Hostel 3 #sharedroom B Full size bed $22 per night 

Book Path to Permaculture Hostel 4 #sharedroom B

Hostel 4 $16 per night the top bunk is the best deal
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